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Mixed Martial Arts fanatic and Web Developer. I like to think I am a good all-rounder (but my ground game is non-existent). Founded this community. Driven by inclusivity.

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ex Muay Thai Fighter at Jaguar Thai Boxing

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re: Useful MMA Training Apps for Lockdown
Nice article, a few apps for training during COVID there I ha...
re: Is Wrestling Influencing Jiu Jitsu?
Thanks for the share Zack! Great topic. Would also be interes...
re: Self Defense Essentials, Knife Attacks.
This is awesome, love Nick Drossos. Thanks for the share, wil...
re: Why I love Jiu-Jitsu
BJJ Anir.. I can’t wait to get started 😎
re: Why I love Jiu-Jitsu
Brilliant read Zack. Thanks for sharing this with the communi...
re: Yoga for MMA Fighters
Nice share Krisy! I agree, I do Yoga but not as much since CO...
re: No MMA experience but looking for a way to get your first bout?
Nice post Amy. No excuse for anyone anymore ref facing their ...
re: How to do a basic guillotine choke
Very nice! The guillotine choke looks so easy to learn, no br...
re: Hey gang. Anyone got any tips for an amateur weight cut?
That is useful!
re: What lies ahead for the UFC's lightweight division?
Totally agree!
re: BJ Penn deals with GSP's low kicks like they are nothing 🤷🏻
I agree 100% gsp v khabib will be the best the UFC could ever...
re: Why do I fight?
Another nice article Ben. Some nice shout outs there towards ...
re: How to take someone down who’s way bigger than you 🤼‍♀️
One of the best take down tutorials I have seen, just because...
re: How to throw a 1-2 punch combination with Lanchana Green
Nice video editing Lanch 😎 after buying it myself, enjoyed th...
re: How to condition your shins like Dan Hardy
It’s all Jean Claude Van Damme’s fault. That kickboxer movie ...
re: What lies ahead for the UFC's lightweight division?
It’s a really good question. Sometimes it feels like Ferguson...
re: My experience training MMA in Brazil after appearing on The Ultimate Fighter 💪🏼🤼‍♀️🦸🏻‍♀️
An entertaining read Lanch! Not sure I would have the nerve t...
re: 7 mistakes people make when starting MMA
Haha, this is brilliant. Very good advice for getting the eti...
re: Should Edwards return his 3 pieces and soda?
Ah this is good to hear, always good to know when these athle...
re: Kingdom, the highly rated IMDB MMA series finally drops on Netflix today 🔥
That is my hope, really weird how they just canned it. I thin...
re: Should Edwards return his 3 pieces and soda?
I for one am looking forward to Rocky finally entering the st...
re: How to become an MMA cut man like Timo Plewa
thanks to Timo for a great interview!
re: How is COVID-19 affecting your MMA life?
🙏🏽 Great approach Daniel 🥋🥋
re: How is COVID-19 affecting your MMA life?
Great insight, thanks! Do you thinking that knowing and being...
re: Welcome Thread - v0
re: Why I Fought an 8x World Jiu-Jitsu Player
Another cracker Lanch!
re: The biggest fight I have is with my weight.
Another cracking article Helen
re: Bullies, my experience and how martial arts helped.
Amazing story Lanchana 🙏🏼
re: My MMA Story
Yeah great article this Helen. We need more people to share...
re: How is COVID-19 affecting your MMA life?
Difficult to setup in a very short space of time though rig...
re: Once upon a time in Brazil. Gracie Combative's
I am so jealous that you have a gracie academy so close 😎
re: Starting out in the world of Jui-Jitsu, BJJ or GJJ
Love this, articulates really well the emotions people go t...
re: Welcome Thread - v0
Which Gracie gym are you training at btw?
re: Welcome Thread - v0
Happy to have you 😎😎😎
re: Why we founded this community
Thanks Jess, that means a lot. You should give Jujitsu a go!