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Is Stipe vs Jones truly off the table?

We never had a Stipe-Jones fight

Dana White states at the UFC 281 post-fight scrum, putting what seems to be the final nail in the coffin for a potential, often referred to as a super fight. After circulating for the past two years about Jon Jones moving to the Heavyweight division and challenging the Baddest Man on The Planet (pre Francis Ngannou loss) Stipe Miocic for the Heavyweight championship.

One thing that abundantly clear was that it was Jones calling for the fight, whilst Stipe remained relatively silent on the affair. I wouldn't mistake the silence as a form of hesitation for Miocic to take on the fight, not by a long shot.

So if there is no Stipe fight for Jones, then who? A title fight seems unlikely, not only with Ngannou fighting out his contract earlier in the year but the list of Heavyweights who are scratching and crawling towards their own title shot.

This is the UFC. This is a business. What sells the most is what we see. It is a shame that the fight between Stipe-Jones hasn't and probably never will come to fruition. much to the disappointment among the MMA community.

Seeing Jones at Heavyweight is an interesting take, we've seen his struggle against bigger light heavyweights in the past. So for an entire weight class of fighters to be (mostly) bigger, hit harder and less weight cutting dilemmas, it is certainly curios to see where Jones will fit into the mix.

Dana also mentioned that Jones will fight in 2023. Could the match up be at heavyweight with #1 ranked Ciryl Gane? Possibly. Time will tell. How do you feel the fight with Stipe would have played out? How would Jones fair with Ciryl Gane?

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Could the match up be at heavyweight with #1 ranked Ciryl Gane?

I’d love to see that…

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