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Discussion on: What lies ahead for the UFC's lightweight division?

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mark blanchard Author

I think its a tough spot for Masvidal. The logical fight would be Edwards. Burns is most likely tied up with Usman and Covington faces Woodley. I personally feel Masvidal will push for a Nate fight or an immediate title rematch. The UFC would be happy for either I think. Diaz v Masvidal will always do big numbers. Usman v Masvidal could raise Usmans profile and popularity with a dominant win and finish which the UFC and Usman needs! If Jorge wins the UFC can continue to market him. While I would love Edwards to have the opportunity I get the sense that Jorge does not have the hunger for that fight.

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Totally agree!

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Team This MMA Life

I feel that Leon Edwards should defo get this, although he was offered it during lockdown... 🤔