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6 best cardio kickboxing workouts to strengthen the lower body

Cardio kickboxing is another fun & tiring kickboxing that will take an extra toll on your lower body. Most people share a mixture of love-hate relationships with the cardio kickboxing exercises. Regardless of what you practice in the gym, building the fitness for MMA fighters starts from the ground. How hard your punching power is, lack of strength & power in the lower body will make you lose and miss a lot in the fighting ring.


Cardio workouts can be hard on your muscles. But they are very effective in giving you a finely toned lean body. They are highly impressive when it comes to burning calories or defining the muscles of your lower body. Kickboxing Workouts are amazing bodyweight workouts. Start your workout routine with the dynamic warmup, it will increase the blood flow, while stimulating your nervous system, help in preventing injury & will prepare you mentally for the workout that lies ahead of you. Kickboxing workouts can be a fun & effective cardio option even if you aren’t preparing to fight as a professional fighter.

It doesn't only strengthen your lower body but engages every muscle group in your body. So rather than getting your foot on the treadmill. You can try practicing lower body strengthening kickboxing workouts for burning calories & working on your arms, shoulders, abs, back & simultaneously.

Make you push yourself hard through these exercises because these workouts will increase your testosterone production while recruiting the tone of muscular fibers & speeding up the metabolism—all contributing to building your lower body strength and leg toning.

Workout 1: Jab, Cross, Squat, Jump & Switch

It’s an exercise attacking & avoiding your imaginary opponent with the punching combo kickboxing workout move. With the help of this workout combination, you can learn kickboxing workouts on your own.

● Get into the stance by standing on the right foot, stepping forward your arms 'on guard' both of your elbows bent, your hands placed in the fists at either side of the chin.

● Throw the right jab, by punching with the right arm forward, rotate the fist down, and do not lock your elbow then the left cross by punching with the left arm in a forward manner and rotating the left hip onto a punch & lifting the left heel from the ground & then bringing the arms back at the guard position.

● After that push your hips quickly at the back while lowering yourself into the squat position, jump up & at an angle of 180 degrees up in the air, then land with the left foot stepped forward.

● After that repeat the entire sequence Immediately at your left side. Keep on alternating your sides for a minute.

Workout 2: Back Kick & Knee Strike

Powering up the lower body & core works well for the killer kick combo. Before trying the kickboxing exercise move, help in mastering four fundamental kicks.

● For starting this practice with the feet together and your arms placed on guard.

● After that, bend your left knee towards the chest & then by extending the left leg at your back. Then push out with the left heel, and your foot flexes.

● After that, bend the knee quickly & step down then immediately bend the right knee at the front with the chest, pressing the hips forward.

● Then repeat the workout for 30 seconds with your left leg & then the 30 seconds on the right side.

Workout 3: Horse Stance to push up pop up

This cardio kickboxing workout will tone the entire body & get the heart pumping with cardio-conditioning kickboxing exercise twisting on the traditional burpee.

● Start this exercise by getting into the horse stance with both of your feet opened wider than your hips, both of your knees bent & the toes turned around the angle of 45 degrees. Then bring the arms into the guard position, keeping the hips underneath the shoulders.

● Once you are done with that, bend the hips at the place with the hands on the floor below the shoulders.

● After that jump with both of your feet back into the plank position, it will keep your abs tight. After that perform a push-up & then jump with the feet back into the hands & stand back up in the horse stance. Repeat this workout as many times as for one minute.

Workout 4: 35-minute Cycling Speed Workout

Develop the cycling speed with this workout. To get started with this workout. Warm-up for 15 minutes, with moderate effort, and Pedal hard for 10 seconds, then remain seated for a minute. Then pedal at a high intensity for around 20 seconds, and remain seated then recover for a minute. Then pedal hard for around 30 seconds, & remain seated. Take a recovery break for two minutes.

Then pedal harder for around 10 seconds, then stand up and sit back & try recovering for a minute. Pedal harder for around 15 seconds, and stand up after that, sit back & try recovering for a minute. Then pedal hard up to 20 seconds, stand up and sit back down, then recover for two minutes. Then ride for at least 5 minutes and do a cooldown of 5 minutes.

Workout 5: Roundhouse

This workout round will target the hips & thigh muscles.

● Start this workout round by standing with both of your feet placed together, and your arms placed on the guard.

● Then bend the left knee & draw the heels into the body, by pivoting on your right heel, then whip quickly with the left leg steeped at your side. Then extend the legs with both of your feet pointed forward. When you are done with that bend the knees back in & step down while switching the legs & repeat at the right side.

● Alternate legs as quickly as you can for 30 seconds.

Workout 6: JumpRope Combo

Jumping rope is another amazing cardio challenge, it is as simple as jumping the rope like you used to do during your childhood —but it’s not necessary to use an actual rope for getting your heart rate up while strengthening your lower body.

You can try holding an imaginary rope at a place and then circle your arms. While holding the imaginary rope try alternating your front heel as you tap while moving your arms in the circles. Do this exercise as fast as you can and keep on doing it for 30 secs.

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