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Metabolism Improvement Workouts for MMA Fighters

As an MMA fighter, skill and technique are very important. However, most people forget that technique and skill are nothing with proper physical fitness. Someone who has full knowledge of all the techniques and skills can do nothing if he gets tired very easily.

In short, your physical fitness should be good enough to help you with endurance, muscle strength, and body mass. We have seen that athletes and fighters have better strength as compared to someone who has never worked out.

For improving physical fitness, the goal is to have good enough power, strength as well as agility, speed, and endurance. All these goals can be met with metabolic conditioning and strengthening workouts.
You will not only be able to deliver better but also have a better dynamic. All these workouts have been designed not only for MMA athletes but also for people who want to gain endurance.

Mostly, this kind of training is popular among fitness enthusiasts. Metabolism improvement exercises help with gaining strength, power, agility, and burning extra fat.
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What Do We Mean By Metabolism Improvement Exercises?

If you are an athlete, you must have heard about metabolism conditioning or metabolism improvement exercises. Metabolism improvement exercises help with burning fat and calories. As a result, the fighter has a toned body and better endurance.

These exercises involve fat burning throughout the body and usually, they have a small period of rest. You can also categorize them in high-intensity workouts. With the help of these exercises, you will be able to push yourself to the edge and your body will gain endurance.
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Within the metabolism conditioning exercises, you will have some of the toughest and challenging exercises. Another very important thing is that metabolism improvement exercise involves full-body and helps strengthen every part of the body.

Any exercise that is just targeted to one part of the body cannot be categorized as a metabolism improvement exercise.

Targeted Areas

If we have to recognize the exercises based on the target area, we need to see how the exercises react to the body. A metabolism conditioning exercise will mainly be focused on the core, strength, and overall body movement.

One of the most common movements that separate the simple workout from the metabolic conditioning workouts is that these exercises are focused on the full body. Abs, lunges, press, pushups, pull up and compound movements are some of the most common metabolism exercises that you will experience.

Most instructors consider burpee as an ideal when it comes to metabolism-based exercises.

How To Perform Metabolic Conditioning Exercises?

Various variations of the same exercises are usually used in the form of circuits. Within the circuits, you will have strength-based exercises along with cardio, muscle endurance, and core development exercises as well.

These circuits are used for improving fitness, shedding fat, and toning the body for better strength. The body uses its weight as well as external weight and fitness equipment for improving metabolism.

As a result of these exercises, a person gets a stronger, lean, and ripped body.

Building a Circuit

Metabolism conditioning exercises cannot be used individually. You need to build a circuit and each circuit has a specific number of reps. To start the workout, building a circuit of intense workouts can be followed by a period of less rest.

However, the period of rest cannot exceed the overall workout time. If you are a beginner you should contact a fitness instructor or an MMA instructor and he will help you customize an exercise circuit according to your body type.

To help the beginners get an idea we have designed some basic circuits of exercises. The goal of these exercises is to engage the whole body and not just one part of the body.
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MMA Based Exercises

Time: 30 minutes with each exercise of 4 minute

Equipment: no specific equipment is required, you just need some weight.

Sportswear: wear something loose and comfortable like a workout shirt

This circuit mainly includes burpees so you need to start with mastering the basic burpee. After mastering the basic burpee you can then move to other variations. While performing a burpee make sure your hands are extended outward but they should be just above your shoulder.

When you are bringing your arms back to the floor, your elbows need to brush against your sides. Try to move as much as you can because moving your muscles will help you burn more calories.

 Traditional Burpees
 Kettlebell Swings
 Push Up Burpees
 Barbell High Pulls
 Dumbbell Punches
 Dumbbell Burpees
 Forward Lunges
 Climber Burpees
 Abs Bicycle Kicks
 Single-Leg Burpees

Body Weight Based HIIT Exercises

Time: 30 minutes with each exercise of 4 minutes followed by 30 seconds of rest

Equipment: no specific equipment required to focus on your body weight lifting

Sportswear: wear something stretchy, loose, and soft

The circuit has so many different exercises. Most exercises focus on body weight and use more muscles.
Each exercise needs proper completion, you can add thirty seconds of rest after each exercise as well.
By adding exercises you will convert your circuit into a high-intensity exercise and this will help you with speeding up the result.

 Sprint Burpees
 Dive Bombers
 Side-to-Side walking Plank
 Double Jump Squat Burpees
 Plyo Push-Ups
 Alternating Reverse-forward bodyweight lunge
 Alternating Side jump burpees
 Overhead Clap Burpees
 Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups

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Exercise Circuit for Grapplers

Time: 30 minutes with each exercise of 4 minutes, adding rest period is optional

Equipment: no specific equipment required focus is mainly on muscles of the body

Sportswear: wear something that has room for stretching and workout

Within MMA, grapplers need to have a good upper body strength limit. With the help of these exercises, you will not only be able to focus on your upper body but you will be able to have a better grip.

All the muscles within the body will be engaged with the help of this circuit and with the help of thrust the fighter will be able to have a firm grip when the opponent is in a vulnerable position.

 Inverted Rows
 Burpee Thrusters Speed
 Sandbag Shouldering Side To Side Cleans
 DB Clean and Press
 Alternating Knee Hip Thrusts
 Rolling Burpees
 Bunny Hop Sprawls
 Rotating Burpees
 Burpee Kick Thrust

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