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Gay MMA coach and a champion wrestler wins the toughest battle by coming out

Krista Shields
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I see a lot of people talking about wishing there was more inclusivity in MMA. Thought this might help someone.

Chris McLeod fought his sexuality for years in an unforgiving sport, but now is determined to help others reach their potential.

Up until about two years ago, I was a closeted gay man doing his best to coexist in a hetero world.

There was not a person who knew my secret and I had committed to keeping it that way for fear of losing everything that mattered to me.

Sports meant a lot to me. From a young age, I knew that I was a wrestler, I wanted to be a coach, I dreamed of being a dad and I knew that I wanted to impact lives, to be like the men who helped build me.

I had never met an openly gay coach, but I had heard of gay coaches losing opportunities after being outed. There were no openly gay male athletes in my sports and I heard heartbreaking stories about men coming out to their wives, only to lose their families in the process.

It wasn’t until I had reached a certain level of achievement and then lost it, that I finally found the strength and courage to reconcile who I was — the athlete, coach and dad — with the person staring me back in the mirror, begging for the opportunity to openly exist.

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