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Best Video Games Based on Martial Arts

Martial arts, such as kung fu, judo, and karate, are combat sports or techniques used by East Asian warriors. In current times, martial arts variants are used in various ways, including sports, fitness, self-defense, and video games. In addition, martial arts has emerged as one of the most popular themes for combat games.

With fascinating narratives and realistic graphics, video games have gotten increasingly complex. There are a lot of martial arts-themed games out there, and it's challenging to know which ones you'll enjoy the most. Here are the top video games based on martial arts if you are a game enthusiast who likes martial arts.


Tekken is a successful martial arts video game brand that has sold over 47 million copies worldwide. The Mishima family is featured in Tekken, with the first game centered on Kazuya Mishima's pursuit for vengeance against his father, Heihachi. The following level focuses on Kazuya's son Jin and relationships amongst all of the Mishima clan's male members. It's also worth playing Tekken for the character endings, which are generally hilarious or wholesome.

Monkeys of Shaolin

The narrative of a guy whose quiet rural life is disrupted when pirates raid his community and wreak tragedy is told in Monkeys of Shaolin. He is rescued by Shaolin monks, who take him in and teach him to punish his family's murderers. This game has different difficulty levels, and the fighting is simple at first, with only three strikes; as you continue, you may learn combinations to use against the waves of monsters.

The Shenmue Series

Shenmue is a unique martial arts-style game that paved the way for titles like Yakuza. The original was released for the Dreamcast and featured martial arts student Ryo Hazuki as he sought answers concerning his father's murder. To figure out what happened, do some detective work and speak to non-player characters.

This game made many combat opponents famous at the same time while also exploring open-world towns. You may chitchat with the locals, play arcade games, or get a drink from a vending machine at the harbor town of Yokosuka. Because the same mystery links the games, it's better to play them in order if feasible.


You play as an anthropomorphic rabbit who practices martial arts and lives in a world populated by various humanoid animals. He must embark on a journey to save his fellow rabbits from the clutches of cats and canines.
There are several biomes to explore and a platforming component in which you must climb trees to reach specific locations. If you die, you may respawn at any of the numerous checkpoints, and defeating foes isn't that difficult - you can wing it through most of the bosses.


This game tells the narrative of Takayuki Yagami, a lawyer whose career was shattered by a botched client defense. Years later, he becomes a private investigator and is tasked with uncovering the mystery surrounding a serial murderer who is targeting Yakuza members, as well as a clan chief who appears to be connected. There are both investigative work and battle combat aspects in the game. One of the talents is to use a drone to spy on suspects.

There are two martial arts modes in Yagami: tiger and crane. It's comparable to the fighting of the Yakuza games, but it has one distinct feature: Yagami's acrobatic abilities. He can bounce off objects and jump over adversaries for an air attack face kick. Judgment mixes a compelling plot, engaging action, and many side tasks to keep you engrossed for hours.

Street Fighter V

With US$12.2 billion in sales, including 500,000 arcade units, Street Fighter is the highest-grossing video game franchise of all time. This new entry in the Street Fighter series allows players to play on a cross-platform between the PlayStation and PC.

Streetfighter V featured 16 characters; four of them are new to the series, a narrative mode, and 30 extra characters introduced via updates and downloadable content. The game also includes an interactive arena, which displays additional animations when a player is defeated near the arena's edge.

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