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Would Bruce Lee win in the UFC if he were around today?

I always get responses based on what he was then, not on who he would be be today with access to all the latest technology and techniques in the world of MMA, all coming together with his discipline, work ethic, fitness level, flexibility, creativity and innovation.

One of the very first MMA submissions I ever witnessed was when Bruce Lee performed in the intro to Enter the Dragon (he was even wearing early looking MMA gloves!). I was blown away, even now that fight scene is incredible

Neck crank, an americana from the crucifix, whatever it was - it looking ground breaking.

So same question, how would Bruce Lee content with today's top UFC fighters - if he had grown up with access to the same technology?

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Anir Bularee

Bruce Lee was more that a martial artist, way more. If I understand your question correctly, you are asking what would happen if Bruce Lee was in the UFC today? Meaning that if he were in his prime he would have been born around 1994.

If Bruce Lee was born in 1994 and trained in modern day mixed martial arts (which he did back in the 60's - 70's right) I still be believe he would have risen to the top of all time great martial artists.

Would he have joined to UFC? Not sure, how many modern day martial artists have decided to enter MMA, and if so, have the UFC taken seriously enough to sign? I think the answer to that is none.

GSP, Rampage Jackson, Michael Bisping and a few others have done it in reverse. Made it in the UFC as combat ready martial artists then landed acting roles.

I believe that Bruce Lee, born in 1994 would have been taken the same route into the arts and not into professional mixed martial arts, so hypothetically speaking he wouldn’t have been able to compete at the required level.

However, if Bruce Lee was reincarnated and chose the path of a professional UFC fighter then absolutely he would have been a UFC champion. He was a force of nature, a ground breaking athlete, a highly competitive innovator with genetics that could almost look super human.

It's bitter sweet for me, knowing what I know about Bruce, he would’ve chosen the arts, but I would have loved to have seen him as a UFC champion, he would’ve done it easily.

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That's a great clip, one of my favourite films growing up and probably the first movie that introduced me to martial arts (what an intro eh? from Bruce Lee of all people).

Amazes me even today when I hear many mixed martial arts athletes talk about how Bruce Lee inspired them to get into the sport, his size, speed, charisma, art form, the way he broke down racial discrimination to become the lead character in a Warner Bros movie ($850,000 budget at the time) that has gone on to earn billions in revenue to become one of the most profitable movies in history (read more about that in the wiki article below).

Enter the Dragon starred many high level martial artists but there was only one other cast member other than Bruce Lee who I considered could be a convincing UFC athlete, and that was Bolo Yeung (Yang Sze).

I agree with most of what @anirbularee_571 says below - if Bruce Lee was born in the 1990's and did choose the path of a professional UFC / MMA athlete then I have no doubt in my mind he would have made it all the way to the top and it would’ve been an absolute treasure to watch.

Shame i'll never get to see it 😭 but at least I get to play as Bruce Lee on EA's UFC 4 🙃

Enter the Dragon is a 1973 martial arts action film directed by Robert Clouse. The film stars Bruce Lee, John Saxon and Jim Kelly. It was Lee's final completed film appearance before his death on 20 July 1973 at age 32. An American and Hong Kong co-production, it premiered in Los Angeles on 19 August 1973, one month after Lee's death. The film grossed an estimated US$350 million worldwide, against a budget of $850,000. Having earned over 400 times its budget, it is one of the most profitable films of all time, as well as being the most profitable martial arts film.

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He would've kicked ass for sure. Genetic freak.. I mean, how far above everyone else was he when he went mainstream? Yeah he was a movie / competition based martial artist but apparently he did have to prove his abilities in street fights.

Not sure he would have chosen the path of a professional UFC fighter but if Bruce Lee had, he would be a 3 weight champion and the goat. You can already see his influence across all current and past GOATs and all UFC champions.

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Some interesting Chuck Norris quotes on Bruce Lee (although I can't tell if this is a piss take or not)