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What’s next for Welterweight Division if Colby fights Dustin Poirier?

If the rumored Colby Covington vs Dustin Poirier fight actually gets booked, then what does that mean for the rest of the welterweight division?

With Colby being the clear next best behind Kamaru Usman, I personally think it would only leave more questions as to what’s next for either fighter. I feel like Colby would have virtually nothing to gain rankings wise from a win being the number one contender in the division right now. It would just be a win against a lightweight in my opinion.

Now if Poirier was to win then where would that put him in the division? Don’t get me wrong I think there’s some great matchups at welterweight for Dustin, but where do you place a guy that just moved up to the weight class and beat the number one contender when you have guys like Khamzat Chimaev and Belal Muhammad Who are still waiting behind Leon Edwards for their shot at Usman?

I’m not Against the idea of a Colby vs Dustin matchup, I think the known animosity between them only adds to the story and the case to make that fight. I just feel like a win for either one would just leave more questions. Let me know what you guys think, I’m here to argue!😏

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hannahwoking1 profile image

Tbh I'd rather see Colby Covington v Khamzat Chimaev. The Dustin Poirier fight bores me a bit (which I am quite surprised about) - maybe that's because I don't think it would be a stand up battle, Colby is too smart for that as he knows how durable and strong Dustin is on his feet.

If it were to happen, I think it's a PPV play with Dustin goes back down to Lightweight (although it would be funny if Dustin followed Conor McGregor up there).

Colby Covington v Leon Edwards is an interesting one. Maybe that happens after Poirier..? (I see Covington beating them both)

slimmanmma profile image

I definitely wanna see Colby vs Chimaev, that’s why i was surprised when people started talking about him fighting Dustin. But I totally agree that Colby would beat him and Leon without a doubt, I think his wrestling and cardio are way too good for just about anyone else in the division except Chimaev. But Colby has also talked about fighting Durinho, I think he’s just avoiding Khamzat honestly!

lee profile image

I think his wrestling and cardio are way too good for just about anyone else in the division except Chimaev.

So true.. I wanna see Colby Covington vs Chimaev. Worth the money for sure 💸

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