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Following, embedding and submitting MMA podcasts 🎧

I am a big fan of Podcasts (especially MMA ones). I rarely miss an episode of Ariel Helwani's MMA hour or Boxing Life Stories (Tris Dixon is incredible as an interviewer).

Just a heads up that we have a curated space dedicated to MMA / Combat Sports based Podcasts here in This MMA Life. All Podcasts are streamed from source (it's essentially just a player that's embedded into the platform).

A nice little feature.. when you a follow a Podcast, the latest episode will show up in your home feed.

You can also embed a podcast into one of your posts like this:

{% embed %}

Just replace the link with the episode you have been listening to and it will render in your post like this:

play pause Severe MMA Podcast

You can also submit your favourite podcast for our community members to discover, just use this link for that. - 'The Brit Pack Podcast' did this recently with their own podcast once they discovered us).

These cool little features make this community what it is.. a great place for creators. Enjoy!

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