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How to post consistently on all your MMA socials especially through fight week

Hello This MMA Life community members! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

What an amazing MMA community this is turning into 😎. For any inspiring MMA athletes, coaches or whatever your role is in our MMA community I wanted to share some simple steps that will help you post to your socials in a much more efficient and consistent way and in turn may help you grow you social media MMA presence.

This is the first in a series of articles that will help any aspiring MMA enthusiast to build a better social media profile and content pipeline.

mma social media growth

We all know how important it is for your own brand awareness to keep those social media queues full and to schedule your posts at the right time especially since the majority of social MMA engagement within the MMA community is still in the United States.

Maybe you want to make an impact with the many promotions out there, maybe you want to get your skills known across the MMA community and gyms, maybe you are looking for work, either way you will need to be consistent across platforms, ensure that your social media posts add value beyond yourself and slowly grow that following and most importantly, stay committed to it.

mma community build mma social media profile

So one of the first social media tools we want to show you to manage what you post, when you post it, what social media platforms you should post to and to remind you to keep the queue going, is Buffer (yes it has a free tier, which is probably all you need).

mma community buffer social media

So how do you use it to help create some consistency and cadence with your MMA social media posts?

Well, first of all you head over to your AppStore of choice (Apple or Android) and download it. Here are the links πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Download for Android

Download for Apple

Once you have downloaded Buffer it is pretty easy to get started by adding your social media accounts and then posting your content across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, all in one go! No having to open each app indvidually to post! Yay!

Let me show you how.

First of all you need to create a buffer account. Open the app and choose create a new account:

mma community social media help buffer

Once your account has been created (you may need to verify it with your via an email) you can then add your social media accounts to buffer.

mma community adding social media accounts

Each time you choose to add your social media account, Buffer will need your social media name and password, it doesn't see or store this information, instead, it asks the social media app for a token it can use to post on your behalf.

Great, now that is done - let's create your first cross social media post which we will post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Hit the big + button at the bottom and then choose 'Create".

mma community add post to buffer

Select all your connected social media networks at the top bar (they should be selected by default).

Alt Text

So now you should be at the compose screen. Now, we know that there are differences between the character length with Twitter and what content you can post on Instagram. If you are not posting web links (urls) then you can just add whatever image you want at the bottom where it says + add photo or video and start writing your text and hashtags but just be mindful that Twitter has a limited text count which you can see count down as you type.

ufc community add image to social media

If you want your post to say something different on each of the social networks then you can hit the customize option at the bottom which will then show you a compose section for each social network.

this mma life mma community add image to social media

When you are ready to post, you will get a preview option and then hit the share button!

ufc community this mma life grow social media

Buffer will then give you the option to schedule your post which effectively adds it to a queue or to share it immediately. This option is really important when you are coming up to fight week.

Buffer gives you the ability to schedule your posts, so during fight camp, you can agree with your team upfront to harness some good content and posts that you can schedule when fight week comes up. It very common for MMA fighters to turn off social media coming up to the main event, so scheduling automated posts and allowing Buffer to do that for you is priceless, you can stay off social media but still post out a relevant content pipeline to all your fans and supporters. Anyway, back to posting!

When Buffer shares to Instagram, it will send you a notification, you open the notification and then Buffer walks you through a couple of steps to post to Instagram.

Job done. You have just shared your post to all your social media profiles.

mma community posting to social media

You might be reading this and thinking it sounds a bit long winded but trust me, once you get the hand of it you will be filling up your Buffer queue as much as you can and scheduling your posts to go out at the most optimal time.

At least it is one step towards growing your MMA social media presence.

If you have any more suggestions that our MMA community would be interested in then add a comment below! πŸ™πŸΌ

You can also show us some love by following us on Instagram and Twitter below, and by sharing our articles if you find them useful!

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MMA Rush

Late to the party but thanks for this little nugget.

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You can also connect and login with Facebook now :D

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Hey thanks for joining us!

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rubix jackson

great explanation!

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Talia Shaw

Thanks for sharing πŸ™πŸ½

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