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How to stop screwing yourself over.

Here at thisMMAlife we are committed to facilitating our community in many areas that cover mind, body, spirit, nutrition, mindset, mental health as well as techniques, anything that enables you better as an athlete, coach, specialist or whatever your role in MMA is, and we are going to be adding as much value as we can to your MMA life on our journey to become the number one home for MMA enthusiasts on a platform that is clean, free from bias and toxicity, friendly and welcoming and that strives to add nothing but value.


The one thing you need when preparing for competition, is consistency in all areas of your life, not just in training, in everything you do until it becomes a mindset.

The problem is, everyone knows this already but it can be so hard sometimes to stick to it! Subconsciously there is usually something that keeps looping you back round to the same behaviour.

stuck in a loop

If this is you, then be kind to yourself and have a listen to this incredible podcast episode from Mel Robbins

Mel has an incredible story of her own. Here are some highlights from the podcast:

‘What my work centres around is equipping humanity with these simple tools that give us the ability to pause before emotions take over and take us down a negative spiral.’

Times are pretty tough on our psyches right now. But what if there was a simple technique to be your saving grace and it took only 5 seconds?

Listen out for:

  • What you CAN and CANNOT control right now.
  • The 3 Simple Techniques that immediately re-wire an anxious brain.
  • The Golden Tool that sounds totally stupid - Why the 5 Second Rule works!
  • When you’re totally exhausted and can’t focus, Here’s what to do next.
  • Why you do NOT need to turn on the News today.
  • Why does our animal brain need a sense of security?

If you want more then listen to Mel's YouTube talk. 23 million views 👇🏼

We are building a really comprehensive Podcast portfolio at the moment, if you are on the thisMMAlife app then hit the left fist and then podcasts.

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Joan Adams

Brilliant 😎 - love Mel Robbins, didn't know she wasnt related to Tony though!

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Talia Shaw

Nice ;)

hannahwoking1 profile image

Bingo! Never heard of Mel Robbins, just watched her TED talk. Brilliant!