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How to view your analytics dashboard and see how your posts are performing on This MMA Life

Hey there,

This MMA community is all about enabling you, the content creator to succeed and grow either your organisational or personal brand.

As part of that enablement we have a number of tools available at your disposal, one of which is your personal dashboard - here's how to access it.

For a quick link to your analytics, click here (the steps below show you how to find it without having to save this link)

  1. Once logged in, either from mobile or desktop, hit your profile pic in the top right and then select dashboard (second one down).

this mma life dashboard growth

  1. Now if you're on a desktop, you'll just see a link on the left called 'Analytics' (at the bottom).

this mma life dashboard growth

If you are on mobile you'll need to select it from the top drop down box like this.. (at the bottom)

this mma life dashboard growth

From here you can see cool dashboard covering all sorts on interesting data including all your This MMA Life stats and your top traffic sources to see how effective your social media posts are.

this mma life dashboard growth

Enjoy! Any issues drop a comment below 👊

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