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Next UFC is Sandhagen vs Yadong Song: Details, start times and official discussion thread

Hey everyone! Wow, what a weekend that was! Diaz exits as a legend, the way it should’ve been done.

Before we move into the next UFC (Sandhagen vs Yadong), here's a reminder of what went down with UFC 279: Ferguson vs Diaz (plus our post fight discussion thread).

UFC 279 Post Fight Discussion Thread

It's on to the next UFC 🎉 and on the main card is the return of hard core fan favourite Cory Sandhagen who's previous outing was a classic against Petr Yan. Here we go with Sandhagen vs Yadong 🔥

Cory Sandhagen

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Cory Sandhagen's record is:
14-4-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)

Cory Sandhagen is coming off a loss to Petr Yan, prior to that it was a loss to T.J. Dillashaw.

Yadong Song's record is:
19-6-1 (Win-Loss-Draw)

Yadong Song is coming off a win over Marlon Moraes, prior to that it was a win over Julio Arce.

Some interesting facts about Cory Sandhagen...

After graduating High School in Aurora, Colorado, he then enrolled at the University of Colorado, where he completed a degree in psychology.

Cory Sandhagen lands on average 6.46 strikes pm in the Octagon, this places him second among active bantamweights in his category.

His first defeat in the UFC was at the hands of one Funkmaster Aljamain Sterling.

Some Song Yadong facts..

Song Yadong debuted in the UFC at 19 years old, with a record of 10 wins and three losses.

Yadong started his career at featherweight, but then returned to his bantamweight class in his next bout.

More content and discussions will be dropped in the comments leading up to fight day. If you have any, or want to get involved or drop any interesting relevant content then do so in comments below.

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Sandhagen vs Yadong Song Main Card

Main Card Weight
Cory Sandhagen vs Yadong Song 135
Chidi Njokuani vs Gregory Rodrigues 185
Tanner Boser vs Rodrigo Nascimento 265
Aspen Ladd vs Sara McMann 135
Andre Fili vs Bill Algeo 145

Sandhagen vs Yadong Song Prelims

Prelims Weight
Trey Ogden vs Daniel Zellhuber 155
Nikolas Motta vs Cameron VanCamp 155
Trevin Giles vs Louis Cosce 170
Damon Jackson vs Pat Sabatini 145
Anthony Hernandez vs Marc-André Barriault 185
Alen Amedovski vs Joseph Pyfer 185
Mariya Agapova vs Gillian Robertson 125
Tony Gravely vs Javid Basharat 135
Loma Lookboonmee vs Denise Gomes 115

Sandhagen vs Yadong Live Betting Odds

Sandhagen vs Yadong Global start times

When does Sandhagen vs Yadong go down?

  • Date is Saturday 10th of September
  • Approx start time of prelims is around 17:00pm, 18:00pm, 19:00pm, 20:00pm and 01:00am (PT, MT, CT, ET & GMT)
  • Main card starts around 19:00pm, 20:00pm, 21:00pm, 22:00pm and 3:00am (PT, MT, CT, ET & GMT)
  • Main event octagon walkouts at around 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:30pm and 9:30pm (PT, MT, CT, ET & GMT)

So [FIGHTER V FIGHTER] should make their way to the Octagon at around 21:30, 22:30, 23:00, 12:30am and 05:30am (PT, MT, CT, ET & GMT) - obviously that depends on how long the prelims last).

Check your time zone here

Where to watch Sandhagen vs Yadong

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Top comments (8)

joebloom profile image
Joe Bloom

This is a tricky one for Sandy, no doubt. I really hope he can overcome the challenge, though. He went in for the top challenges way too early, I think he would have stormed the belt if he had taken more time - but I reckon was under pressure from UFC side and the money on the table...

... He's still got lots of career ahead imo. Always look forward to watching him fight!

lee profile image

Agreed. A slower pace and more experience would have benefited him over time, I think @ogaddmma is a big fan.

I like him, he's tough as hell. He's been in some absolute wars already.

ogaddmma profile image
Ollie Gadd

Just started a real career runthrough today and it's reaffirmed my love for him. He's so much fun to watch, has the heart of a warrior and he's got a very high ceiling imo. Gonna have to see which types of fighters manage to give him trouble and where he tends to fade as I'm only early on where he's finding constant success at the moment

Thread Thread
lee profile image

He's so much fun to watch

Agreed, do you think the casuals know much about him? He was affiliated with Rousey once wasn’t he?

Also this is relevant from @vperillo0512

Thread Thread
ogaddmma profile image
Ollie Gadd

I've never heard anything about Rousey although I know he trained with Dillashaw a lot. Beautiful lead hand and bodywork with that similarly TJ/Cruz footwork and movement styles. Can't wait to write about him whether or not he manages to get the win tomorrow night or not. Definitely worked his way into my favourites over the past couple of days

lee profile image

Look at the live odds above 😵‍💫

lee profile image

Gotta love Dan Hardy... relentless with his content, usually always out first.

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lee profile image

Sandhagen making an appearance on The MMA Hour..