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Post UFC 279 Discussion Thread 🧐

Diaz wins and exits the UFC as a total legend, even nails the post fight press conference. The way he just keeps coming through those low kicks, insane. Boxing skills are legit AF.

What’s everyone’s thoughts?

Don’t think Tony has been the same since the Gaethje fight:

Some conspiracy shenanigans (I wish the UFC were this clever 😂)

McGregor demanding some respect 🤦‍♂️

Reminder of UFC279 card:

UFC 279 post fight press conference:

Next UFC:

Top comments (4)

lee profile image

This was a really good post gents @ogaddmma @joe_mmahive

Hope you both enjoyed the event, shame about Li Jingliang, he got fucked in all directions.

joe_mmahive profile image
Joe (MMA Hive)

yeah I got to say leech appeared to have won easily for me. very sus

lee profile image

The MMA Hour UFC279 special is a really good listen

hannahwoking1 profile image

Tony just isn’t the same fighter 😨.

Next UFC

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