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Post UFC 281 Discussion Thread 🧡

A cracking card at MSG... Shame Frankie went out out like that.

frankie edgar ko

Izzy v Pereira was fascinating... What do you guys make of it all?

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hannahwoking1 profile image

I hate weight cutting. Here's what I saw in a nutshell.

  • Izzy outclasses Pereira for 4 and a bit rounds
  • Pereira looks like he's fighting at a different weight class
  • Pereira lands bombs that Izzy would usually be able to take at middleweight
  • Pereira wins based on power imbalance through weight cut strategy

The end. The only impressive thing about Pereira's performance was how he didn't gas out after the weight cut.

mmanewsboy profile image

How about that Carlos Ulberg?? Started off the card great. A lot of potential for the young Aussie!!

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Yeah!! Also, I didn’t realise he was a LHW. Likely on the 284 card me reckons

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Dominic Reyes... such a shame, I was certain he would be the dominating MMA athlete in the LHW division.

Wtf happened in the Molly McCann fight? She was absolutely mauled.