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UFC 277 Post Fight Discussion Thread 🧐

Here’s a reminder of what went down at UFC 277 Pena v Nunes.

Here’s the post fight press conference:

What did everyone think of the card and the performances?

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Lee • Edited

So far I’ve only seen Moreno v Kara-France and Nunes v Pena.

Really impressed with Moreno again, he showed great resolve in getting that win as Kara-France looked fantastic (lot’s more to come from him I think - great fighter).

Nunes looked more like herself (she looked like she was fighting under water when she lost against Pena).

Pena’s amazing on the ground, incredibly tough but just misses that fluidity on her feet that Amanda possesses.

I’ll watch the rest of the card later 😀

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Ollie Gadd

Blood Diamond looks very very green. Great kickboxing when it matters but clearly not used to the fact that swarming people ends up with him getting clinched, and that everyone and their mother will want to take him down. Eugene was screaming himself raw about maintaining distance and not rushing in but Diamond was doing it anyway. Hate to kick a guy whilst he's down, but he needs to get back outside the UFC and rack up some more wins against legit grapplers (or just return to kickboxing, but that feels like giving up and I'd hate to see that tbh)

Drew Dober made me very happy with a body shot KO, I love it when fighters hit the body and it was definitely the correct move against Alves irregardless of it ending in a stoppage. Dude knows that he's got to take fun fights to make a living and he does that for sure, I'll never miss a Drew Dober fight

Ankalaev pretty much looked as expected although I didn't anticipate a finish. It's a shame about Smith's ankle and that definitely contributed heavily to his weird performance in R2 but at least we got our main card injury out of the way early this week.

Pantoja looked awesome, not much else to say about that really. Gotta give him the title shot after this interim business is settled or have him fight Kai if he wants to keep busy

Lewis takes yet another KO loss and honestly it's just looking like people are very aware they can KO him now if they blitz the guy. I think it was a pretty horrendous stoppage and so I'm not going to talk about him being washed, but I think either heavyweight is getting better or Lewis is declining.

Moreno vs Kai went pretty much as expected minus the finish. I'm writing a piece on that so I'll talk about it another time.

Nunes looked very good once again. I'd love to see her have a crack at Valentina one more time, it'd be a great note to retire on which is something she's been talking about for a little while now. Pena looked pretty much the same but this time Nunes wasn't gassed and wasn't running onto her shots over and over. I thought the fight would be closer because I did think Nunes had lost a step but yeah, looked as good as ever really

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Anir Bularee

Agree Pantoja looked awesome, can’t wait to see him compete again, Kai would make sense for him

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I'm writing a piece on that so I'll talk about it another time.

Already looking forward to reading this 👊