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#202 Flowing with Uriah Hall

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On episode 2 of the Bruce Lee Podcast, Shannon engages in conversation with middleweight UFC mixed martial artist Uriah Hall. Uriah and Shannon became friends last year when they met in New York at an event for Shannon’s tv show Warrior, and they hit it off immediately. Uriah is getting ready to step into the octagon with his long time idol Anderson Silva on October 31st  2020.  Considered one of the most devastatingly dynamic fighters out there, Shannon was reminded of this passage in her book: “Martial arts is a perfect metaphor for life. There are few disciplines where the stakes are so personal and so high as in a fight. Proficiency in martial arts is the practice of keeping centered and skillfully responsive under the direst of circumstances: The threat of physical harm. When you have mastery in combat, you not only meet a fight with composure and skill, you become an artist of movement, expressing yourself powerfully in the immediate, unfolding present with absolute freedom and certainty.”  Hope you enjoy this discussion with Uriah Hall about how he feels about going up against his idol in the octagon, how martial arts has shaped him, how he handles the wins and losses of life, and that, ultimately, he wants you to know that everything is going to be ok.

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