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#209 Flowing with Dominick Cruz

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On this week’s episode of the Bruce Lee Podcast, Shannon engages in conversation with bantamweight UFC mixed martial artist, Dominick Cruz. Cruz is known as an agile fighter with an indomitable spirit, a two-time bantamweight champion who has come back from major injuries and setbacks and made a name for himself in and out of the Octagon. He currently does commentary and analysis for the UFC and hosts the show Unlocking Victory for ESPN as well as holds virtual training camps online, but he is clear that he is ready to get back into the octagon as soon as he hears the inner call, which, as it turns out since recording this chat, will be March 6, 2021. In her first meeting with Dominick, Shannon was impressed by his fighting spirit, his sharp presence and his insightful outlook on and passion for martial arts and life. His keen presence was engaging and his insights on overcoming obstacles, gratitude, how to create shifts in perspective and what it is to be a warrior were exciting. To learn more about Dominick and how to connect with him, please check out the show notes. For now, listen up – this is a rare glimpse into the mind of a truly focused, high level martial artist. This is Dominick Cruz.


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