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The Lab MMA Gym

How to throw a 1-2 punch combination with Lanchana Green

meangreen profile image Lanchana Green ・1 min read

Hey there! Lanch here! Ever wanted to experience the workouts and lifestyle a fighter goes through but without the close contact and concussion of the grappling and striking? Well here's your chance to train like an MMA fighter with my 'Combat Camp' Program!

During my Combat Camp program you'll find 4 workouts to do each week that help build strength, endurance and cardio.

Learn some fundamental movements and combos used in MMA whilst shedding those unwanted lbs, increasing your fitness levels and gaining confidence.

This video is a taster of some of the content available, I’ll share some further free videos over time on different MMA techniques that we teach at our MMA gym β€˜The Lab’ in Darlington.

If you like the free sample above then please feel free to checkout the full Combat Camp Programmes here

I am a pro MMA athlete and have appeared in season 23 of the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter, check out my Instagram profile below.

Discussion (4)

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taliashaw_962 profile image
Talia Shaw

Nice combo there!

lee profile image

Nice video editing Lanch 😎 after buying it myself, enjoyed the sessions πŸ’ͺ🏼

hannahwoking1 profile image

Thanks for the share, ill definitely be having a go at this later, sharpen up those striking skillz ❀️

amyfaithamy profile image

Representing the girls in MMA here like πŸ”₯