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Lanchana Green for The Lab MMA Gym

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Quick kettle bell plus chair workout with Lanchana Green

Hey there thisMMAlife MMA community! Lanch here, Pro MMA athlete and contestant on UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter series 23.

Effective training at the moment is hard, we are just getting back up and running at Darlington’s MMA Gym, The Lab, but who says you need a gym? Here is a quick workout video that you can do at home or outside with just a kettle bell and a chair, enjoy!

If you like this video then please checkout my Combat Camp series.

Are you bored of your current training routine? Ever wanted to dip your toes into the MMA world without the risk of a black eye for work?

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Increase your strength, build up your endurance, cardio output and most of all… enjoy it!

In my Combat Camp programme, you’ll find written and video demonstrations of all the exercises available and a messaging feature to ask me questions about anything you’re unsure, so you’ll be confident in your training programme and confident in gaining results!

Lanchana green combat camp

Here are some Instagram testimonials 👇🏽 Direct from my Instagram stories.

“This is really an amazing program. I’m just finishing my second week and the results are fab! Being a mum of two girls under 3 it’s hard to get to the gym but you can do this at home and around your little ones in your own time... The sessions don’t drag on, the app is really easy to use and the video clips really help with exactly what you need to do... If any of you mummies out there need something to get your teeth into to get your body back, then this is for you... You will get out of this program exactly what you put in... Go for it, you wont regret it!“

“I highly recommended Lanchana Green’s Combat Fitness programme.. it’s gruelling and she’s killing me but she’s the best fitness coach I have had, it’s just the push I’ve needed and is always there to help and support me”

Any more information you need, hit me up on Instagram below.

Thanks 🙏🏼

Lanchana Green x

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hannahwoking1 profile image

Yay go Lanchana Green! x Saw you on TUF23! x