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Why we founded this community

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Hey There!

I am Lee, I founded thisMMAlife, welcome to the community! View my profile here πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

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I have been training Martial Arts for a while now (about 25 years πŸ˜…πŸ˜…), primarily practising Muay Thai with a deep aspiration to learn more BJJ and wrestling.

More BJJ

There are a few reasons why I felt inspired to create this community. The first is that in real life, I have always found MMA to be respectful, honourable with humility, inclusion, safety, tolerance and accessibility being core principles for any mixed martial gym or practitioner. Online though not, so much :(

We want to change that by providing an online MMA community that empowers MMA athletes, fans, enthusiasts, coaches, nutritionists and sports psychologists to share knowledge, ideas and to help each other grow.

We are an online MMA community that is welcoming, inclusive and accessible for all genders, ages, races, religions and cultures that want to post articles and share knowledge without abuse or judgement.

A place where an MMA athlete can post their thoughts without the tsunami of abuse that follows on the socials.

Social Media Hate

We are also a healthy social network for sharing and discovering great ideas, having debates, and making friends. Anyone can share articles, questions, discussions, etc. as long as they have the rights to the words they are sharing.

The second is education, the amount of ignorance applied to MMA from uneducated observers that assume MMA is just the UFC or any other promotion is incredible and I always find myself defending my position in social scenarios when talking about my love and appreciation for this sport.

Talking to a brick wall

Yes, there is violence and brutality if you wish to compete at the highest level of Mixed Martial Arts but the reality is that all forms of martial arts, as an expression of the human body, offer so much in the way of physical fitness, confidence, spirituality, wellbeing, mental health, self-defence and personal achievement. Some of the highest achievers in all walks of life practice some form of Martial Arts.

Everyone I know who has attempted to learn a form of martial arts has never given it up, there are countless stories out there from people that have transformed their lives through it. Most people I know who are into BJJ are addicted to it, for them it is problem-solving on the physical plane helping to balance out the constant mental noise that humans suffer with daily. More and more of those people are transitioning to MMA for an all-round experience.

I will tell anyone that will listen if you want to experience 'presence', the 'here and now', there is no better way to do it than learning a form of Mixed Martial Arts.

The third is the deep appreciation we have for the athletes that are willing to live this MMA life and give it everything, to chase the glory through all the pain, all the doubters, the lack of funding, scraping to get by just to get to that next bout. MMA is unlike any other sport, athletes put more on the line than any other sport, they sacrifice their bodies and minds, they are all in - everything, some are willing to take their last breath in competition.

We also wanted to ensure that our community was built on the principles and martial arts philosophies of Bruce Lee such as 'be a practical dreamer backed by action', 'research your own experience, absorb what is useful reject what is useless, add what is essentially your own' and 'using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation'.

The Bruce Lee Foundation has an amazing podcast available that details out all Lee's philosophies and how to integrate them into your life and training, it is a brilliant listen, nothing like what you would expect! Here is an intro - and you can listen to the whole series, right here on thisMMAlife.

play pause Bruce Lee Podcast

MMA athletes are gladiators but are also so vulnerable in many different ways, they are as real as it gets, heart on the sleeve, they bet everything on themselves in the way most other humans wouldn't dare to do, they are willing to give it all and fail in isolation in front of millions. Watch a few episodes of the UFC's 'The Thrill and the Agony' and you'll get a sense of what I mean.

So please feel free to join me, share your knowledge, experience and ideas with the community regardless of your gender, race, background, age or religion without judgement or abuse. Help us build a growing, welcoming, positive and inclusive experience.

Happy training


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Lee James Wynne


Mixed Martial Arts fanatic and Web Developer. I like to think I am a good all-rounder (but my ground game is non-existent). Founded this community. Driven by inclusivity.

Team thisMMAlife

The very team behind this awesome community ;)


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Thanks Jess, that means a lot. You should give Jujitsu a go!


Amazing community, love the friendly atmosphere here, no haters, just pure martial arts, this is how an MMA community should be


Love it Lee, love this place - brilliant xxx


Can’t agree with this enough, love the space you are building here, keep up the great work


Found this place by total accident, nothing like it for Martial arts anywhere else on the internet. Everyone is civilised!