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How to become an MMA journalist

Don't believe what other qualified MMA journalists or sports writers tell you..

You don't need a degree in English or journalism. The people that tell you this today, probably work for other people and not themselves. Yes, of course you need to put the work in, you need to be articulate with the ability to tell engaging stories, don't fool yourself, but there is no substitute for natural talent, creativity, imagination and passion for the sport of MMA.

Those attributes cannot be taught a college or university, if you have those qualifications already then great, but if you have passed on them, don't let it put you off. Sport writers and MMA journalists that spout those credentials as a starting point are gatekeeper of the old world order, not the new.

In the modern world of online content, especially in the world of MMA, you need to think of yourself as a content creator..

Not just an MMA journalist or writer. Why stay in that lane when all the eyes are on a diverse portfolio of content? Everyone knows where the money is at, YouTube and Instagram. YouTube being the gold standard of ad revenue, Instagram giving you that ability to introduce sponsors to your ever growing audience.

If you have a talent for writing about sports and telling stories, don't just isolate yourself to a goal of writing a blog, do what Robbie Fox did at Barstool, is writes, blogs, podcasts, interviews and that content gets everywhere, yes he loves MMA but he is nerdy about a lot of things and that radiates out of him. Does Robbie have a degree in journalism or English? I am not sure he does but he certainly has a masters degree in passion, durability, taking risks, not being scared to look silly, giving it his all, being persistent and not giving up when it feels like too much of an uphill climb.

We have no doubt Robbie will exit Barstool at some stage and become a brand in his own right.

What about Will Harris who created one of the most popular independent MMA documentary channels on YouTube? Another example of someone who ignored the gate keepers, and don't even get me started on The Schmo!

Enter the arena wherever you are, right now..

Don't wait for permission, start writing, start recording, start creating and start sharing. There is nothing to wait for, all you need is access to the Internet and an email address.

Don't wait for validation from peers, don't worry about the opinion of people that do it for a pay check or that have never gotten started. If your desire it, don't wait for permission, if you have the talent, passion and determination, start now and work it out, adjust as you go, get feedback from the people that start watching or reading your content.

Nobody cares about what you are writing and creating until they do..

Everyone starts nowhere, with zero followers, and zero subscribers. All the most influential people you see online writing, podcasting, talking, interviewing, broadcasting all started at ground zero just like you, but they persisted, they didn't quit when nobody took any notice, they didn't quit 3 feet from gold. They kept with the grind, they learned from what didn't work, they failed towards success rather than failing towards quitting.

Post your content like nobody cares, because it is great that nobody cares, there is no pressure, there are no numbers, it is the best time to express your creativity before you start being popular and then potentially critiqued.

Pick the right platform to get started on.

This MMA Life is a platform tailored made for MMA bloggers and inspiring MMA and combat sports to get started with a friendly, progressive and non toxic community, which is quite rare in combat sports.

Once you get started, over time you can even create your own publishing organisation on This MMA Life and expand your content to allow others to write for you.

This MMA Life is the place to start your MMA blog. Get started with MMA blogging here or view some examples like this for inspiration.

Don't over think it.

Just get started, get going, don't worry about any negative feedback, when you do something for the first time you are supposed to be shit at it. If you want some inspiration, do some research on comedians and how long it takes them to prepare and test their material before they final pull together a full routine that they are comfortable delivering. Most of their material sucks, and they have to test all of it on small audiences to pull some diamonds out, even the audience knows it is a tester session. So don't over think it, don't be too hard on yourself. Don't be the MMA blogger or journalist that never got started.

Let your passion drive you.

Some of the best writers will always credit some form of creative energy that they allow to flow through them when coming up with some of their best material, some will go as far as stating that they put down the pen when they aren't feeling it, and when they do, they don't put it down until it stops.

Let your passion drive you forwards with your content, none of the external influences, especially from people that think you can't make it, or are overly critical of your first article or video post. Imagine if you write your first article, now compare that to article number 1000 - you know that process will build skills, it will build confidence, it will build belief in yourself so just let the passion drive you forwards.

James Lynch also has some great YouTube videos on how to become an MMA reporter / interviewer / presenter

Join us.

We are the only mixed martial arts community that is friendly, welcoming, main stream, progress, supportive and non toxic. If you want to start your MMA blogging or get start with combat sports blogging, do it here.

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Relevant when it comes to that time for applying for UFC or Bellator media and press credentials

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