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How to build your audience on This MMA Life

If you didn't know it already, you can start building your very own MMA branded powerhouse on This MMA Life.

Anyone can post on This MMA Life as long as the content is useful and inline with our code of conduct.

You can post on This MMA Life as yourself (a personal account) but you can also setup your brand on This MMA Life and post on behalf of that brand and invite others in your team to do the same.

This means that you don't need to setup a separate MMA blog to get started with MMA content, and you'll be posting into an MMA focused community that will just grow and grow over time giving you the same sponsorship opportunities once your audience builds.

Here is how you create your own brand (organization) on This MMA Life.

First head over to your profile pic at the top right, you should get a drop down that shows your @username, click on that.

Now in your profile choose 'edit profile'

this mma life organisation

Next, on the left, choose 'organization'

this mma life organization

Now start filling in the details as demonstrated below (ignore Github).

this mma life organisation

When finished, choose create organization. Job done.

this mma life organisation

The organization will be created instantly, ready for you to invite others to join and ready for you to post on behalf of it.

Now, when you create a new post on This MMA Life, you have the option to post as yourself, or on behalf of your organization / brand. Other members can post on behalf of your organization too.

posting on this mma life

To invite others to your organization (giving them the ability to post on behalf of it), just go to organizations again when editing your profile and copy the code where it says 'Grow the team'.

organization code

Send this code to an existing member of This MMA Life (yes that need to be an existing member), they can they go to edit profile > organizations and choose 'Join Organization' and paste in the code.

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