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Top 5 This MMA Life Comments from the Past Week

@topethunder on agreeing with pretty much every other Kingdom fan that there should be a season 4:

I think I'm gonna rewatch this show this Christmas, it was so amazing! And it's so hard not to love Jay Kulina.

@amyfaithamy on Bellator being in the USADA testing pool:

Very impressive, especially in competition.

@abbeyshepard761 on enjoying Netflix's new rework of the Karate Kid saga!

Cobra Kai! Sweep the leg!!

@abbeyshepard761 also on BJJ - Common Mistakes Beginners Make Trying To Pass The Guard

Also the golden rule, tap fast and tap quickly!

@JaynieRamirez on Khabib being the best MMA fighter

GSP for me, would’ve been Jones but too much controversy 🙈

See you next week for more comments!

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