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He aimed for the Major, now he step into the Octagon.

Jarosław Jarząbkowski, also known in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (or in short, CS:GO) as pashaBiceps, has previously played for a very long time with Now he currently retired from the esports tournaments and officially entered the Octagon as he set his MMA debut in the upcoming High League 2 later today. (Link to the PPV)

It's not surprise that pashaBiceps, despite he was still enjoying playing CS:GO even he was away from all the Majors he had ever won (but not really all of them despite his best effort with his teammates), has keeping his body fit and balancing his gaming life with his time at the gym.

He will be at the main event of this Polish MMA promotion against Michał Owczarzak, which also set to be debut as well, alongside with the co-main event, Lexy Chaplin vs. Agata "Fagata" Fąk.

I had been wondered how will the results going to be. After all, he even enjoy his retired life while teaching new generation how to properly played CS:GO as a professional player.

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Nice! Thanks for the heads up. What esports did he play?

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Valentino Lau

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as it described on the post.