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Chris Weidman’s leg break at UFC 261 dissected by Conor McGregor

UFC 261 wasn’t for the faint hearted and the fact that Chris Weidman’s leg break (at the shin) was also experience by one of his previous opponents (Anderson Silva) is unbelievable.

One person watching was Conor McGregor who has this to say on the subject (we know Conor was recently caught out by calf kicks at UFC 257 by Dustin Poirier). McGregor and Poirer are due to rematch at UFC 264.


“ Hoping Chris Weidman has full recovery! Never nice to see.
Crazy is the calf kick. No skill, balance, or flexibility, or anything does it take. It’s like watching a punt of a pig skin in the 50s. Up the yard!
Crazy how it can go either way. One great for you, or real bad against”

“ He had to have a load of micro fractures in the leg possibly for it snap then. The placement of the kick was nice enough. It wasn’t fully checked. He hit the meat. Enough of it anyway. Had to have been damaged over time without knowing. Wear and tear.
Careful on them kicks lads! “

Derek Lewis also had something to say on the matter:

I think he is going to need to when derrick lewis vs Francis Ngannou 2 kicks off. Dana White has confirmed that Derrick Lewis is next for Francis Ngannou after publicly stating that Jon Jones had requested $30m to fight The Predator. Something that Jones has denied.

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That was awful, I hope he gets back to full recovery soon. I wonder how long it takes for the leg to be 100% again? Or to even have the confidence to throw another kick. Agree though, must have been done before but then again he was so committed to that kick, like REALLY committed.

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