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The science of weight cutting with George Lockhart

warrenramone profile image Ramone Warren ・1 min read

If you don't know who George Lockhart is then check out this Instagram post with the biggest name in MMA, the GOAT himself.

Alright, how's about this one.

Yeah, he knows his stuff alright when it comes to preparing some of combat sports most famous athletes during fight camp and in-between.

Well worth a watch of the above video and listening to him on the Joe Rogan podcast

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Discussion (2)

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jaynie_ramirez_fb profile image
Jaynie Ramirez

George Lockhart is a bloody genius. Wasn’t Tyson Fury’s first camp with George when he KO’d Daytona Wilder?

anirbularee_571 profile image
Anir Bularee

Did he? The didn’t know that!